Why should HR develop safeguarding policies?

If your organisation works with or around children and vulnerable adults, having strict safeguarding policies and procedures in place should be a top priority. Everyone has a right to live their lives free from fear, abuse and neglect and, if you work with or around vulnerable groups, you have a responsibility to safeguard their safety […]Continue reading

Safeguarding best practices e-book and safeguarding charter

The deliverables from our first IO is the development of a Safeguarding best practices e-book and a safeguarding charter. The impact of the Charter & the eBook is to create governance approaches to safeguarding which are benchmarked against robust quality requirements. This output overall helps VET providers to develop an institutional culture which better understands […]Continue reading

VET Mobility Safeguarding Quality Charter

Within the first intellectual output of this project developed a Safeguarding Best Practices e-Bookand the current a Safeguarding Charter which will set out the minimum requirements that VETinstitutions need to meet in order to consider themselves safeguarding focused. The charter includes examples found within the best practices and aspirational points and casestudies found within the […]Continue reading

Get to know VET SQUARED (VET^2) Project

The VET SQUARED (VET^2) project launched on November of 2020.  The project focuses on the initial and continuous professional development of VET teachers, with a specific focus on an area of VET which is largely overlooked as a topic relating to HR or organisational policy and management, and generally integrated as a small part of operational policy and […]Continue reading